Culinary ideas with ALPENHAIN cheese-specialities

Mozzarella sticks
     on mixed vegetables


200 g   carrots
1   yellow paprika
300 g   courgettes
1   onion
6   bay leaves
3 tbsp.   vegetable oil
    salt and pepper
300 g   mozzarella sticks
    whole-meal bread
100 g   tomato dip


Serves four



1. Clean and wash the carrots, paprika, courgettes
and onion and cut into thick diagonal slices.
2. Cook the vegetables with the bay leaves for 10-
12 minutes in a small amount of salted water
until they are al dente.
3. Drain the water, sear the vegetables in the vegetable
oil and season with salt and pepper.
4. Prepare the mozzarella sticks as shown in the
5. Serve with the mixed vegetables and the tomato dip. Tastes good with whole-meal bread.


In the oven:

200° C, approx. 7 minutes


In the deep fryer:

175° C, approx. 1 minute


In the frying pan:

Medium heat, approx. 6 to 9 minutes


nutrition values for 1 portion:

BE   5
kJ   2297
Protein   21 g
F   22 g
Carbohydrate   67 g