Culinary ideas with ALPENHAIN cheese-specialities

Mini Camembert en crote
with marinated lettuce hearts


4   4 lettuce hearts
4   4 tbsp. vinegar
    salt and pepper
12 tbsp.   olive oil
40 g   button mushrooms
1   onion
1   tomato
12 g   salad herbs
300 g   mini Camembert en crote
1   ciabatta


Serves four



1. Wash and drain the lettuce hearts.
2. Beat the vinegar, salt and pepper together until
they foam and fold the olive oil in.
3. Cut the button mushrooms, onion and tomato
into small dice.
4. Mixed the diced vegetables with the salad herbs
and soak in the dressing.
5. Arrange the lettuce hearts on a plate and pour
the remaining dressing and the other ingredients
over them.
6. Prepare the mini Camembert en crote as shown
in the instructions.
7. Arrange the salad with the Mini Camembert en
crote and serve with fresh ciabatta.


In the oven:

200° C, approx. 6 to 7 minutes


In the deep fryer:

170° C, approx. 1 to 1 1/2 minutes


nutrition values for 1 portion:

BE   5
kJ   3979
Protein   23.1 g
F   69 g
Carbohydrate   62 g