Mann im Reifekeller mit Käse



Our family business has changed a lot over the years. We started out as a small village cheese dairy in 1905, now we produce in state-of-the-art facilities and export to numerous countries all over the world. And together with our 450 employees, we are constantly developing new, creative ideas for our cheese specialities.

A few things have stayed the same. The milk still comes from surrounding farms. Our master cheese-makers still make regional, natural and high-quality products with their experience and passion. And still everything revolves around Camembert - the basis for almost all our products like Breaded Camembert, Obazda and Camembert Creme.


The secret ingredient in good cheese is milk. Therefore, we only use 100% genuine alpine milk. It comes from about 250 farms in the region. The farthest farm is just 50 km away. In this way we keep our transport routes short and the milk fresh. We maintain a fair and cooperative relationship with our dairy farmers. Many have been working with us for generations. We pay an above-average milk price and offer support, advice and training on topics such as hygiene, animal welfare and legal regulations.

Constant and continuous verification

The quality of the milk, but also of all other raw materials, is continually checked by our laboratory, especially upon delivery. Our suppliers must have a GFSI certificate (IFS, BRC, SSFC 22000), and they are regularly audited by us. The origin of all products must be traceable. In addition, an annual evaluation of our suppliers takes place.

We support natural approach.

The Alpenhain quality promise:
We value a natural approach. Since 2010, we have consistently avoided the use of flavour enhancers, preservatives and colouring.


Quality comes first. In addition to the best raw materials, modern technology and complete product control, we rely above all on our employees, who see things the same way. That is why we not only meet the high quality standards confirmed by regular audits, but also achieve top marks.