Development &

As pioneers in the manufacture and processing of soft cheese, we are passionate about new technology and finding innovative solutions. As a result we rely upon state-of-the-art production facilities for our cheese specialties.

Top Quality

Whether Obazda, Baked Camembert or Barbecue Cheese – we always offer our customers, partners and consumer products and services of the highest quality. Mindful of this commitment, ALPENHAIN’s research and development team works closely with our in-house product management but also alongside the product managers, application technicians and quality managers of our customers and suppliers. Our work therefore consists of being continually up-to-date with the newest findings in food science as well as the most recent market trends. The result is finely tuned products manufactured to an outstanding quality which give rise to mutual commercial success over the long-term.

Our wealth of certificates demonstrates that with this approach we fully meet the highly specific needs of a vast array of different and distinctly demanding customer groups.

Driver of Innovation in the Sector

In enduring collaboration with our long-term technology suppliers and our fellow subsidiary ALPMA, global market leader in dairy technology, we have compiled a wide-ranging foundation of specially customized manufacturing processes for our dairy. We have a highly developed soft cheese production system and accompanying specialist facilities at our disposal. After being piloted in our business, these innovative technologies have often gone on to become established in the sector generally.

With our innovative manufacturing processes and production facilities for the cutting of cheese pieces, the preservation of soft cheese and the production of textured spreads, elaborately developed cheese specialities, whether breaded or shaped to customer specification, and much more, every day we/our colleagues process our high-quality raw materials into premium products.

Even when saturated, the market and its trends continually offer us opportunities to convert ideas into product concepts.

In doing so we are always on the hunt for new production technologies in order to continue to optimize our manufacturing processes for these concepts. Why? It’s our passion!