We make the most out of Cheese.
Only the best of nature.

Welcome to ALPENHAIN!


As a successful milk industry family enterprise
we have special responsibility and obligation.

Our ALPENHAIN principles are:
• Sustainability of decisions in our intergenerational contract

• We earn trust through honesty, fairness and tolerance

• As a business we preserve the environment

• We invest in qualified and motivated employees


These are our most important business principles that give you insight into our philosophies and ways of work.
ALPENHAIN knows that the environment, our natural resources and of course all our employees are the most valuable capital of our success.


That is why we work like we do, to earn your special trust.


Our promise to you: "Only the best of Nature" stands for over 100 years. Matthias Hain, the founder of ALPENHAIN, set the cornerstone in founding the ALPENHAIN cheese specialities factory. Our brand name offers for young and old are now enjoyed by cheese enthusiasts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and more than 40 other countries.


Located in Southern Bavaria close to the Bavarian Alps, we process a quarter million litres of fresh Alpine milk daily delivered from farmers in our region.

With our love of cheese, the passion of a fourth-generation family-run enterprise and a highly motivated workforce of close to 450 employees and trainees, we deliver the best branded quality- and it’s there for the tasting! Whether baked Camembert, Obatzda or other ALPENHAIN specialities – this is the very best of what nature has to offer.


Be it our baked Camembert, Obazda or our other ALPENHAIN specialities, it is always


–The Best of Nature–