Company history ...

The establishment of the ALPENHAIN cheese specialties
factory by Mathias Hain followed in the year 1905.


Milk trading area
he ALPENHAIN milk trading area is by tradition organized in 9 independent areas that supply 250,000 kg milk on daily average.


Product range

• Baked cheese meals
• Hot cheese snacks
• Bavarian cheese for bread snacks
• Soft cheese specialties

  • 1905

    The beginning of ALPENHAIN cheese specialities factory started in a little village cheese dairy in Sachrang at the end of the 19th-century. The production of "brick cheese", a type of Limburg cheese, was started with the purchase of today's property in Lehen near Pfaffing.

  • Käsereigebäude


    In the year 1925, after the completion of a new cheese dairy building, new creamery machines were bought, making the standardized production of Camembert possible.

  • Käsereigebäude


    After the company was taken over by Senior Gottfried Hain and his wife in 1933, a phase of modernization began.

  • 1938

    By 1938/39 ALPENHAIN was considered a model factory.

  • Alpenhain


    With the development of an innovative packaging machine, which was also requested by other cheese dairies, Gottfried Hain laid the foundation for the establishment of the machinery plant ALPMA in the year 1947.

  • Alpenhain


    In 1952 followed the name change to ALPENHAIN-Camembert factory.

  • Alpenhain


    The production of Back-Camembert, which was launched in the year 1980, secured ALPENHAIN's market leadership in the segment of Back-Camembert specialties.

  • Alpenhain


    In the time between the years 1983-1990 frozen products were produced for the first time, which was made possible by the construction of an additional specialty cheese dairy with highly modern cheese dairy technical equipment and deep-frozen storage. Together with a production hall constructed in 2000, it forms the basis for the most important segment today, cheese convenience products.

  • Alpenhain


    ALPENHAIN is also market leader for Obazda, which had its industrial manufacturing launch in 1994 and could thus be introduced to the market.

  • Alpenhain


    Until 2002 Peter Wagner, Gottfried Hain Junior's brother in law, successfully led the management, which he then turned over into the hands of his daughter and nephew in the 4th family generation. Barbara von Hagmann and Christian Hain currently represent the management of the company.

  • 2005

    Alpenhain celebrates its centenary.

  • Alpenhain


    Alpenhain brand development: first Alpenhain TV spot for baked cheese.

  • Alpenhain


    New TV spot and new design.

  • Alpenhain


    Obazda in a new design and 4 delicious flavors!

  • Alpenhain


    New to the range:
    The grilled treat, a fine cheese composition
    made from select natural cheese variants.

  • Alpenhain


    Oven treats and delicacies: The delicious baked cheese variants
    boast a contemporary design and even come with baking parchment!

  • Alpenhain


    Barbara von Hagmann and Christian Hain entrust management of the business to Hartmut Neumann and Stefan Kost, but remain actively involved with the family-owned company in an advisory capacity.

  • Alpenhain


    Klaus Nannt replaces the interim managing director Hartmut Neumann and completes the executive management team alongside Stefan Kost, who joined the family-owned company in 2015.

  • Alpenhain


    Today, a good 450 employees and trainees work in our facility in Lehen. The training, imparted in the most diverse industrial and commercial areas, is both a tradition within our company and an important component of our corporate philosophy.