As family enterprise we also take responsibility for ecological aspects of our work. Based on this commitment we have changed over the packaging of our brand offers - our folding boxes - to so-called FSC (the abbreviation "FSC" stands for "Forest Stewardship Council", a non-profit, organization operating worldwide, also active in Germany in form of a work group.) You will notice this FSC seal and numbers on each of our prodcuts.


These labels either declare "FSC 100%" - i.e. products that were manufactured using wood from sustainable forestry to 100 percent; or "FSC Recycling" for products, which were manufactured 100% from recycled fibers or recycled wood. Only materials that have already been used once (post consumption) are considered recycling materials.   

Our suppliers ensure this appropriately. The certification process for it is implemented by an independent certification company. After successful certification the company is awarded a deed with certificate number. It is thereby authorized to manufacture products originating from responsible forestry industry and to apply the FSC seal (label) to them. The certification is issued for a limited time, adherence to the FSC regulation is reviewed once a year in follow-up audits.


Not only we, but also you as the consumers who purchase FSC labeled products thereby make an active contribution to the sustainable cultivation of the forests around the globe.


Only one of many measures distinguishing ALPENHAIN from other offers.